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Wolves in Wolves
Street Sculpture Trail Wolverhampton

Wolf In Wolves 2017.

"Wild" Artist: Stef Fridael


Displayed in Wolverhampton Art Gallery through out the project. 
This wolf was sold at the end of project auction.

Stef Fridael’s art is inspired by human instinct: fear, lust, safety, abuse, courage, power, prestige and status. All this displayed in a context of twisted images dictated by TV, the Internet and other media. With this inspiration, Stef’s wanted to create a discussion and a reflection on the given image and human experience.

The Wolves in Wolves project recognised well established connections Wolverhampton already has with the Netherlands, in particular the Princess Irene Brigade who come to Wolverhampton every November for the remembrance service for the Dutch soldiers buried at Jeffcock Rd cemetery.

After discussion with the Dutch embassy Wolves in Wolves made contact with Stef Fridael, a Dutch Contemporary artist born in Indonesia. He studied Graphic Art in Eindhoven, Netherlands, and then joined the Princess Irene Brigade. After 35 years of military service he has returned to art and creativity.

Stef has been to Wolverhampton many times with the Stichting Brigade en Garde Prinses Irene of the Dutch Army commemorating those World War Two soldiers buried in Jeffcott Road Cemetery.


"Colour" Artist: Clemens Briels

wolf Clemens_Briels

This wolf was sold at the end of project auction.

Clemens has used ‘antipodism’, images from unknown sources, as part of the design for Colour. With a feeling for contrasts, he transforms daily themes into bold and different but pleasantly accessible images, colourful, with obvious Latin American influences.

The figures captured on Colour are not based on a particular theme and come from within the artist’s imagination and creativity.

The Wolves in Wolves project recognised well established connections Wolverhampton already has with the Netherlands, in particular the Princess Irene Brigade who come to Wolverhampton every November for the remembrance service for the Dutch soldiers buried at Jeffcock Rd cemetery.

After discussion with the Dutch embassy, Wolves in Wolves contacted Clemens Briels.

Clemens is a well-established artist with artworks, including work in several renowned art collections held in Europe, North America, the Caribbean, the Middle East, Singapore and Shanghai. Clemens was elected as the "Official Olympic Artist" for the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City in 2002.

His work consists mainly of paintings and glass sculptures, characterized by the use of bright colours and the use of a depth effect by embossing on the canvas. But his signature is and will always be the cheerful and optimistic outlook on life.

Chloe Minton.png


"Kiyiya" Artist: Jo Burgess


This wolf was sold at the end of project auction.

Addressing the false image of Wolverhampton as a drab and dead city, this design depicts the skeleton of the wolf, showing underneath the surface into the soul of the wolf (which symbolises the people of Wolverhampton).

We can see a bright and wild floral jungle filled with exotic flowers and butterflies, signifying the vibrant, wild and creative nature of the people, showing the true nature of the city.

The words on the chest are a description of the character of a wolf, the city and of all of us who belong to the city. Come Run With Us!

Jo Burgess, achieved First Class BA (hons) Fashion and Textiles at University of Wolverhampton 2014 and was awarded 'The Visual Arts Department Prize'. Also graduating with a distinction in MA Applied Arts in October 2016, winning the Dean's Prize for her Installation shown at Wolverhampton Art Gallery. She now works under the creative banner 'Patternorium' and is active in a variety of art/craft platforms and projects. Running her own Surface Pattern design business, Jo combines intricate and sophisticated designs with different media to create innovative and versatile artworks and commercial products with a distinctive flavour and particular attention to detail.




"Hunter" Artist: Sophie Casewell

Wolverhampton Wolf

Location: University School of Art. 

The initial inspiration behind Hunter was based on a group project undertaken by students at the University of Wolverhampton. But as time went on, Sophie developed her own inspiration and started to express her creativity. The wolf is now both inspired by the University and Sophie’s own imagination.

This wolf is up for auction: Wolves in Wolves Auction

A recent graduate from the University of Wolverhampton, Sophie is now working full time as a graphic designer.

"The Fallen" Artist: Claire Darke

Location: Wolverhampton City Archives Building

The Wolverhampton Civic and Historical Society wolf design is part of their Connecting, Exploring, Remembering World War One, a Heritage Lottery Fund Project.

The names on the wolf are the people from Wolverhampton who died in World War One, 100 years ago. The poem, ‘My Boy Jack’ by Rudyard Kipling, was written for his dead son lost in the battle at Loos, France. Kipling’s mother lived in Wolverhampton and she has a Blue Plaque.

Many soldiers from Wolverhampton are named on the Loos memorial which was designed by the Wolverhampton sculptor, Sir Charles Wheeler (and others).

 The opportunity to design and decorate a wolf for Wolverhampton Civic and Historical Society as part of their World War One Centenary Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) project has been a great experience for me.

The wolf draws together a number of different elements: WW1 Roll of Honour - the names soldiers killed from the Wolverhampton area, poppies, Kipling, his poem, Wolverhampton's connection to the war. The Wolf is called The Fallen, it gives context and expression to the lost and grief of war.


"Compton" Artist: Harriet Davies


This wolf was sold at the end of project auction.

The inspiration for Compton Boy is twofold, the honeysuckle signifying happiness, featured by William Morris in his painting Compton, and the painting by the artist’s two-year-old son entitled More Gold Mummy. Personal memories of games and adventures in front of a house with a honeysuckle covered porch form a bridge between William Morris and childhood.

This wolf is up for auction: Wolves in Wolves Auction

Harriet Davies

Harriet Davies' work covers a variety of media, from painting and drawing to instaIlation. She has

been featured in a number of publications and uses abstract and semi-abstract imagery to create

new visual languages.

"Beowulf" Artist: Parastoo Duffett


This wolf was sold at the end of project auction.

After a while living in Wolverhampton, Parastoo says she felt so blessed by God, and “wanted to show her gratitude to the city that God brought her in to”.

Wolves in Wolves gave her the opportunity to show her passion and appreciation for this city. Parastoo’s design has been chosen by Enjoy Wolverhampton and the colour scheme represents their logo.

This wolf is up for auction: Wolves in Wolves Auction

Hello there, my name is Parastoo Duffett. I am an artist and interior designer. I am at the moment studying my final year of interior design at the University of Wolverhampton. I have a passion for art and design.

I believe that this project would be beneficial for every part of the community in Wolverhampton. Wolverhampton really needs to have much more of this kind of event to boost its potential.

I love art and I love to paint. Soon after I moved to live in Wolverhampton, I had a deep desire to do something artistic for the city to benefit Wolverhampton’s communities, I believe this is my, and all artists’, opportunity to do something fantastic for the city.

Thanks for giving this opportunity for the city.


"Rainbow" Artist: Julie Fletcher


This wolf was sold at the end of project auction.

This design was inspired by Julie’s love of bright colour, pattern and complex lines, a theme explored in her own artistic practice of illustration, surface design and printmaking.

Using Wolverhampton Art Galleries fantastic collection of Pop Art as a reference point, Julie enjoyed the way simple lines gave the viewer an impression of movement.

Rainbow colours reflect Wolverhampton’s proud multicultural heritage, our diverse population and the bright future ahead of us, reflected in the city motto: ‘Out of Darkness Cometh Light’.

This wolf is up for auction: Wolves in Wolves Auction

Julie Fletcher

I love art, for me it’s a lifelong exploration of colour, pattern and texture.

An Art degree has led to my working life being mostly in the creative sector, but my current role away from the arts has given me a new found enthusiasm for creating and making.  I now have the time and the energy outside of working hours to concentrate on my own artistic practice.

I run a small online business where I sell a range of my handmade prints and stationery.


Instagram: nice cyborg

"Dynasty" Artist: Laura Hickman & Kesia Pennington-Yates


This wolf was sold in the endof project auction.

 Laura and Kesia’s wolf is based on ancient blue and white oriental Foo Guardian dogs symbolising protection, status and prosperity, which we welcome to our city.

A Ming Dynasty blue and white pot found at Staffordshire University sold for millions last year, and the remainder of the collection is stored in a secret location in Wolverhampton.

Using decoupage to transform the wolf with a blue and white design, 1840s cyanotype printing was used for Laura’s dragonfly image. The dragonfly symbolising regeneration and new life, as the Mander Centre and Wolverhampton City Centre is renovated and regenerated. Prosperity, protection and status for Wolverhampton.

This wolf is up for auction: Wolves in Wolves Auction

Kesia Pennington-Yates

Experienced Fine Artist over 20 years, studied Fashion and textiles and BA Hons in Fine Art Sculpture. With local and international commission history, projects reaching as far as Texas. Exhibiting several times in “Changes”  an extensive European tour.

Her work was honored with “Thanks” by the Australian Hight Commission for services to Art for a project where they were celebrating children.
More recent work includes: solo exhibitions, exhibiting at Living Art gallery, Illusion art, Shugborough Hall, The World of Wedgwood, Shirehall gallery.
Kesia is a mixed media artist creating mainly paintings and sculptures and installations. By emphasising aesthetics, making works interact-able the aim is to amplify the surprise and emotion of the viewer by creating compositions or settings that generate tranquil poetic images and feelings that leave traces and balances on the edge of recognition and alienation.

Facebook: Kesia Pennington-Yates


Laura Hickman

Established British Fine Artist, described as cutting edge and contemporary, Laura’s commissions have included private collectors and public organisations such as Birmingham Conservation Trust. She has exhibited throughout England, including Fresh Air, Quennington attracting over 13,500 visitors, Shugborough House, World of Wedgewood, two solo exhibitions at Bantock House, Wolverhampton and two contemporary art fairs at Newhampton Arts Centre, where Laura is a member on the board of trustees representing women and visual arts. Public art commissions have included three large scale pieces at Russells Hall Hospital and a large sculpture in a memorial garden, Birmingham.

Directly composing her subject matter on the chemically coated fibre based archival paper, and hand coated cyanotype paper, then ‘painting it with light’, using ‘photogenic drawing’ and cyanotype processes dating back to 1840s England, her beautiful images of varying ethereal tones are created and immortalised.

Laura, unafraid to experiment and push boundaries to achieve stunning results, also paints abstract and minimalistic Japanese art inspired pieces that show “a real eye for composition”.


Twitter: @LauraHickmanArt

Instagram: I_Spy_Dead_Things

"Aurora" Artist: Katie Keith


This wolf was sold in the endof project auction.
This design has been inspired by the young people on the Black Country Talent Match Program who have worked with Katie to express and illustrate their Talent Match journey towards work or training. Talent Match offers tailored support to young people facing significant barriers, helping them to develop, progress and realise their potential. The wolf shows the path young people take together with their Mentor, growing towards a more prosperous future explaining how they feel and the improvements they have made due to the Talent Match program.

Katie Keith is a local designer-maker using traditional hand dyeing and hand printed techniques to make decorative textiles, prints and illustrations. Katie's work has always been inspired by the natural world, where she looks closely at the textures and shapes around us. Katie sketches from her journeys around the UK and explores her interest in unique artefacts.




Twitter: @KKeithDesign

"Meditation" Artist: Nigel James Kilworth


Location Wolverhampton Central Library

Nigel’s inspiration came from West Park, Wolverhampton. Using the park regularly for exercise, Nigel sees the parks as the Gardens of Wolverhampton, hoping his design will bring cheer to adults and children alike.

I originate from Letchworth Garden City, England and trained as a precision engineer, moving on to Leeds in 1971 where I was inspired by local artists to study Fine Art History and portraiture; I studied at Jacob Kramer College of art followed by Wolverhampton faculty of art and design. I developed fantastic drawing skills through commissions and life study. I primarily work with pure colour, brushes, oil and acrylic paint.


Facebook: TheArtistNigelJamesKilworth


Nigel James Kilworth from Paul Darke on Vimeo.

"Beanstalk" Artist: Navkiran Klare


Location: Thompson Manitoba, Canada,

The inspiration for the Wolf came from the fairy tale Jack and the Beanstalk which is the theme for the Grand Theatre's Pantomime this year.

Navkiran researched all the various characters that are in the story and tried to include all the elements in it. When someone wanders around the wolf they should be able to see the whole story unfold before them.

Whilst fairy tales can sometimes be quite dark, pantomimes are always bright and full of colours and Navkiran wanted to make sure this was portrayed on the wolf.

This should represent the Grand Theatre’s pantomime and proudly stand in their foyer!

An Art and Design Foundation student at the City of Wolverhampton College, Navkiran has said that the inspiration for her Wolf design came from the fairy tale Jack and the Beanstalk which is the theme for the Grand Theatre's Pantomime this year.

She told us, "I researched all the various characters that are in the story and tried to include everything that is in it. When someone wanders around the wolf they should be able to see the whole story before them. Whilst fairy tales can sometimes be quite dark, pantomimes are always bright and full of colours and I wanted to make sure this was portrayed on the Wolf. This should represent the Grand Theatres pantomime and proudly stand in their foyer!"

Navkiran is being assisted by her fellow students to help paint the design.

"Sacred Grandfathers" Artist: Jasyn Lucas


This wolf was sold in the end of project auction.

Inspired by teachings which go back thousands of years, the design reflects a great flood and how a muskrat made it to bottom of the ocean and brought back earth to put on turtle’s back, creating Turtle Island.

The animals panted on to the sculpture signify:

•               Turtle – Truth

•               Bear – Courage

•               Eagle – Love

•               Wolf – Humility

•               Beaver – Wisdom

•               Buffalo – Respect

•               Sasquatch – Honesty

"The Sitting" Artist: Jasyn Lucas


This wolf was sold in the end of project auction.
The sitting celebrates 150 years of amazing wildlife in Manitoba.

In the early stages of the Wolves in Wolves project, we made contact with the Spirit Way in Thompson Manitoba, Canada. With real wolves roaming around Thomson Manitoba, and the Spirit Way trail of wolf sculptures, it is the wolf capital of the world.

Thanks to their enthusiastic support we were put in touch with Jasyn Lucas who visited Wolverhampton to paint two stunning wolves for the project, “The Sitting” and “Sacred Grandfathers”.


"Claude" Artist: Belinda Maria Longsden


Location Mander Shopping Centre Wolverhampton.

Claude is the magnificent new member of the City Ambassador Team who are the city centre’s friendly and welcoming points of contact, walking-talking tourist and city information points.

Claude joins Heidi, Jo, Mick, Sally and Wendy, and together they patrol the city centre giving directions, proving helpful information to visitors and also letting businesses know what happening in their city centre too. His wings depict him as a guardian of the city.

Claude is the only ‘mobile’ wolf, he will be found in different places in the city centre. My artwork is based on the everyday images and objects which surround us. I want to bring the viewers’ attention to the beauty in the everyday objects by changing the way we see them. The way the artwork is realised is unimportant to me as long as the method I employ portrays the idea.


"Sunset" Artist: Jemima Mantle


This wolf was sold in the end of project auction.

Growing up, I spent a lot of time with my family doing nature walks and bike rides along the Valley Railway nature reserve, and one of my earliest memories is feeding the ducks and squirrels in West Park. Something I still love doing. I feel that the green spaces in Wolverhampton are easy to take for granted but should always be cherished and nurtured.

The black and white design, with the colour background, is inspired by my Mindfulness Mondays project that I ran last year. This looked at tapping into mindfulness techniques and applying them to my natural preference for art as a way of relaxing and escaping the stresses of modern life. I developed this drawing style steadily over the year and it’s something that I have been keen to share and encourage others to try.

I am a Wolverhampton based artist exploring the shadows of contemporary society through the expression of unspoken dreams and fears. My work blends fantasy and realism and is heavily influenced by my love of alternative culture and passion for the natural world. Alongside my Fine Art Portfolio I also developed the Mindfulness Mondays project which explores drawing as a mindfulness tool. It is this project that I will be channelling into my Wolf whilst celebrating the green spaces of Wolverhampton.




"Thomas" Artist: Sunita Meen


Location: Marston’s Brewery 

Contemporary abstract artist, Sunita, paints with oil paints to create visual beauty and depth, within her work. Questioning boundaries and engaging her audience are things which she hopes to achieve in the work without the use of traditional materials.

Contemporary abstract artist, Sunita paints with oil paints to create visual beauty and depth, within her work. Questioning boundaries and engaging her audience are things which she hopes to achieve in the work without the use of traditional materials.

She is currently studying her MA in Fine Art after being highly recognised for her work last year in her degree show by the Wolverhampton Gallery, as they ‘highly commended’ her work and Marstons who gave Sunita her first commission for their newly renovated building in Wolverhampton.

"Love" Artist: Danielle Robotham


This wolf was sold at the end of project auction.

Love and nature, both are things that surround us. However, nature is often overlooked and overshadowed by the cathedrals we have created. Danielle Robotham’s design is inspired by what we may take for granted in our preoccupied lives. This design aims to capture the imagination of onlookers; colour invokes a sense of happiness which has a direct correlation with love. Both love and nature intertwine as the inspiration behind my design.

This wolf is up for auction: Wolves in Wolves Auction

I am a recent graduate of the University of Wolverhampton, coming away with a degree in illustration. I'm a creative individual that divides my days between my working life and my creativity, where I focus on pushing the norms and perception of art. I enjoy all forms of art and spend significant amounts of time admiring the work of other artists to broaden my knowledge.

My design is inspired by love and nature, both things that surround us. However, nature is often overlooked and overshadowed by the cathedrals in which we have created. My design is inspired by what we may take for granted in our preoccupied lives. This design aims to capture the imagination of onlookers; colour invokes a sense of happiness which has a direct correlation with love. Both love and nature intertwine to give inspiration behind my design.

"Garden" Artist: Claire Rollerson


This wolf was sold at the end of project auction.

Claire’s inspiration came from the gardens and fountains in and around the city. Spending a lot of my time in West park with her children, the beautiful bright flower garden captures her imagination when thinking of Wolverhampton.

The other element of Wolverhampton Claire has always admired, is the decorative architecture. Dotted around the city are intricate stone carvings above doorways and decorating the buildings.

There is so much history to the city when we stop and look around.

I am a full time artist based in Wolverhampton. I studied Art and Design at Stafford College where I developed skills in fine art, textiles, sculpture and photography. I am a mother of two. When my little girl was 2 months old my partner broke his spine and I had to become a full time carer. Staying at home 24/7 gave me the opportunity to follow my love of art and design. I have been working as a graphic designer and illustrator for a number of years as well as doing paintings which have been displayed in a number of restaurants and coffee shops in Wolverhampton city centre.

Facebook: claireelizabethdesignstudio

"Fenrir" Artist: Marie Sewell & Neil Hodgkiss


Location: Arena Theatre, Wulfruna Street

Often neglected, the origin and history of Wolverhampton is a fascinating subject. Marie and Neil’s design is based on the intricate relief work found on the early English cross shaft in St Peter’s Gardens.

Prior to Latin text, our Anglo-Saxon forbears wrote in runic and we have included a selection of these striking futhorc runes on our wolf. Founded in what is known as the ‘dark ages’, the luminous colours of the wolf correlates with Wolverhampton’s motto – ‘Out Of Darkness Cometh Light’.

Marie and Neil hope to ignite the imaginations of Wulfrunians and visitors alike, promoting research into the origins of our city.

Marie Sewell

Marie is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator from Wolverhampton. She shares a space with her brother at Temple Street Studios where their practice focuses on the complex relationship between mankind and the natural environment, through narrative illustration and sustainable print-making techniques.

Art & illustration:

Graphic design:


Neil Hodgkiss

A local blogger with an interest in design and Wolverhampton’s history. Neil runs the West Wulf blog, dedicated to promoting positive news and events about the area. He has designed Wolverhampton CAMRA’s beer festival logo for the last two years and is the new Beerwolf magazine editor.


"Old Gold" Artist: Alex Vann


Location: Wolverhampton Wanders Football Museum Molinuex Stadium

Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club has a rich history and is an important cultural and sporting landmark for Wolverhampton. Alex visited the WWFC Museum at Molineux and put out a Facebook request for ideas to include in the design. Working closely with the club, the result shows a ‘potted history’ of WWFC: some famous alumni, major achievements, mottos and previous branding plus other facts and figures. The Wolves Community Trust is also represented one of the values, of which is ‘inclusion’. Alex also included British Sign Language and Braille in the design in the hope that people enjoy interacting with these elements.

"Support Life" Artist: Alex Vann


Location: University of Wolverhampton Central Campus Quad.

The design for this wolf came about following several workshops with different agencies. The jigsaw idea relates to how different aspects of life make up a whole person.

The five ways to mental well-being are picked out in the vibrant orange pieces and other imagery and words are used to support these.

Also shown is the board game ‘Snakes and Ladders’ which refers to how life can be full of ups and downs. The ‘missing piece’ can be found on the plinth.

Alex dedicates this wolf to the memory of his good friend Rich McMahon.

In Wolverhampton, between 2013-2015, 66 people ended their life by suicide. The majority of these 66 were men, a trend which is seen across the country and abroad.

Organisations’ and services across the city of Wolverhampton recognise the importance of taking proactive action to prevent suicide because suicide is preventable. In Wolverhampton, groups have come together to form the Suicide Prevention Stakeholder Forum. Coordinated through the Public Health and Wellbeing Team within the City of Wolverhampton Council, the forum is independently chaired and consists of a range of organisations from statutory, education and third sectors. Together the forum has undertaken a needs assessment on which basis a strategy and an action plan has been formed.

For more information about organisations and services that can provide support.

I come from a family of artists and graduated from Wolverhampton University with a first class degree in Design for Communication. I set up a graphic design company in the 1990s, with the support of the Prince’s Youth Business Trust, and have always painted and drawn private portrait commissions of “pets, people and places”. One of my recent commissions was a portrait in oils of the 2016 Mayor and Mayoress of Wolverhampton.

I am a member of the SAA (Society for All Artists) and also play the guitar and compose songs.


Facebook: AlexVannArt

"Bayliss" Artist: Jody Lee Williams


Location: University of Wolverhampton Science Park 

The design for Bayliss has been completely inspired by Wolverhampton Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and the fantastic work they do.

CCG is very much a part of this city and its people. As proud sponsors of the Wolves in Wolves project, CCG hopes to encourage local residents to experience some of the many healthy leisure activities across the city which can contribute to living longer and healthier lives.

In sponsoring Bayliss, we can raise awareness of the CCG as an organisation, the health services and partnership working that they do on a daily basis across the city for the benefit of the people of Wolverhampton.

They are committed to being part of our communities through delivery of high quality services with their partners.

"Endless Opportunities" Artist: Jody Lee Williams


This wolf was sold in the end of project auction.

Jody’s inspiration for the YOO Recruit Wolf is based around local industry and skilled careers. Looking closely at machinery and equipment, building up abstract layers, creating an overall engulfment of the jobs Wolverhampton has to offer.

Jody wanted to focus on a fluidity between different careers, expressing how job skills are interchangeable, as one piece of equipment flows into the next. Using blue as the main colour, represents infinity, thinking about the sky, and the idea of infinite amount of opportunities.

I am a West Midlands painter and Art Teacher, and studied Contemporary Fine Art at Manchester Metropolitan University.

My work mainly focuses on portraiture and the expressive use of colour, creating emotion with juxtaposing narrative. I take most of my inspiration from popular culture and social, emotional behaviours from the world around me.

I currently teach at a Wolverhampton based secondary school, working with pupils ages 11-19.

"Hope" Artist: HeadStart Team


This wolf was sold in the end of project auction.

The design process came together by asking our HeadStart Ambassadors, a volunteer group of young people aged 16-25, their thoughts of what the wolf should look like.

The HeadStart Ambassadors came up with several ideas but one idea particularly stood out for us. The initial concept for the design was the idea of a tree being the backbone and support of HeadStart. The tree symbolises the growth that HeadStart aims to give to young people and the flowers represent the help for young people to blossom.

Digital interactions are a key element of the HeadStart programme and the ambassadors were keen to represent these on the design by adding headphones. The HeadStart and Big Lottery logos were also added to the design along with a QR code to direct the public to the HeadStart website for more information.

The HeadStart creative team of Alice Whyley and Emma Sayles then went on to develop the ambassadors’ idea further and took inspiration from the quote ‘Don’t let the weeds grow around your dreams', which has been written onto the tail of the wolf. This reflects the idea that some young people may have negative influences holding them back. With support from HeadStart, young people will become resilient and feel encouraged to not let things in life hold them back and be the best that they can be!

"Flame" Artist: Mark Lavendar & David Miller


Mark Lavendar (the Fire Service’s Digital Designer) and David Miller (Graphic Designer) have painted the wolf in the distinctive colours of a West Midlands firefighter's 'fire kit'.

West Midlands Fire Service aims to get to emergencies in which life or property are in danger in just five minutes. This is their response work.

Of course, they’d much prefer that things don't go wrong in the first place. That's why their prevention work focuses on keeping people safe at home and when they're out and about, especially if they're more vulnerable like children, young drivers and the elderly.

Here in Wolverhampton the Fire Service is especially proud of the innovative work with the city council, providing a response service to people who've had a fall at home.

Their protection work sees us working with West Midlands businesses to help keep them in business.

Their vision is 'Making the West Midlands safer, stronger and healthier'. 

"Wolfy McWolf" Artist: Emily Bland


Wolfy McWolf is the sculpture for Movecorp. Movecorp is an national and international removal company who transport goods around the world. The wolf design is based on all the methods we use to transport these items; van, truck, ship, aeroplane, container etc.

The company colours are blue and yellow, so the wolf reflects this to fit with Movecorp’s corporate style. The artist designed the wolf to be interactive for the public by including a few games, we hope you will enjoy!

There is a word hidden in the artwork, to find it follow the blue uppercase trail from Wolfy’s nose to his tail!

Can you find the 10 hidden animals on Wolfy McWolf? Found the animals? Can you now workout which 10 different countries these creatures are the national animal of?

Where’s Wolfy. Can you find our friendly Wolfy in the artwork?

"Zeus" Artist: Highfields School


This wolf was sold in the end of project auction.

The initial inspiration for Zeus was to create a sports-inspired concept, as the wolf is sponsored by WV Active.

Highfields school offers a vast array of extra-curricular activities and the students thought about the sports they enjoy participating in. to include in their final design. The students each chose their favourite sports and incorporated them into the design, such as rounders, football and gymnastics (to name a few). To demonstrate the variety of extra-curricular sporting activities we have at Highfields, we added our school crest.

The water on the lower half of the wolf is inspired by the WV Active swimming pool. The design of the water was enthused by Tim Lam, an international painter originally from Hong Kong who uses colour to portray nature, like waves which we used.

The sombre-effect background consists of warm tones like red, orange and yellow, which represent the Olympic flame and also compliment the blue from the water. To further represent a larger sports community, we involved the Olympic rings as it is a big part of the UK.

"Mander" Artist: Julie Fletcher & Laura Hickman


Location: Mander Centre

Mander is a cheerful, bubbly wolf waiting to meet all the visitors to the Mander Centre. The competition winning design was used by our artists to bring the colourful character to life.

Inspired by both the winner’s design and the paint effects on the Mander Centre’s posters, boards and social media posts, the artists used paint effect techniques to create this family-friendly wolf.

Vibrant bursts of colour on Mander reflect the fabulous refurbishment of the Mander Shopping Centre. Mander welcomes shoppers of all ages - a most friendly and sociable wolf who would like to share a smile.

"Wolf Ver-Hampton" Artist: Moreton School

Wolf- mayor.jpg

Location: Civic Centre 

Wolf Ver-Hampton as inspired by the Mayor of Wolverhampton, past achievements for the city, and based on a memorial-based narrative. The Moreton School pupils gathered primary resources, interviews and photographs taken of the Mayor within his Parlour, to create designs for the wolf. The final outcome was inspired by Paige Green’s (Year 12) and Kyle Wellsbury’s (Year 10) designs, showing a wolf captured in Mayoral robes and chain of office, decorated with famous quotes inspired by Wolverhampton.

The wolf was designed and painted by Moreton pupils from year 7 to year 12, showing great enthusiasm and community spirit. They worked hard, coming back in their own time to complete sections of the wolf, allowing their creativity and love of art to flourish.

Our Wolves in Wolves project supported by City of Wolverhampton Council and Wolverhampton BID (

Wolves in Wolves 2017 sculpture trail 

Wolves in Wolves 2017 was a public art trail in the City of Wolverhampton in which 30 Wolf sculptures were individually decorated and installed all around the City of Wolverhampton. In addition there was an exhibition at Wolverhampton Art Gallery of 60 mini-wolves, each of the mini-wolves were painted by local schools, groups and artists. 

Wolves in Wolves was joint project between Outside Centre (Digital Disability), City of Wolverhampton Council, and Wolverhampton Business Inprovement District.

The proceeds from end of project auction of the wolves sculptures went to the City of Wolverhampton Mayoral  charities and Digital Disability a registered charity.

Paul Darke first put forward the idea of creating a wolf sculpture trail across Wolverhampton at Make Shift 2013 Wolverhampton council led event at Newhampton Arts Centre (NAC).

make shift.png

Wolves in Wolves  sculptures still on  display in  Wolverhampton

Find the WOLVES on google map here:
Wolverhampton Wolf sculptures -

1.     Fenrir Wolf.
Arena Theatre  Wulfruna St,
Wolverhampton WV1 1SE 
*In Cafe check opening hours.

2.     Mander Wolf.
Mander Centre,Mander House,
Wolverhampton WV1 3NH 
*Inside the entrance to Mander House,  roof top car park. Check opening hours.

3.     Meditation Wolf.
Wolverhampton Central Library, Snow Hill,
Wolverhampton WV1 3AX
*in main Library ground floor. Check opening hours.

4.     Sacred Grandfathers Wolf
Lighthouse Media CentreFryer St,
Wolverhampton WV1 1HT
*In ticket office. Check opening hours.

5.     Zeus wolf
Phone accessories unitEuro Communications Distribution Ltd
Mander Square, Mander Centre,
Wolverhampton WV1 3NN
*Ground floor. Check opening hours.

6.     Support Life Suicide Prevention Wolf
Student Union,Wulfruna St,
Wolverhampton WV1 1LY
*In the main quadrangle by Coffee shop. Check opening hours.

7.     Old Gold Wolf.Wolverhampton Wanders Football Club Museum 
Molineux Stadium,Waterloo Rd,
Wolverhampton WV1 4QR
*Inside museum. Check opening hours.

8.     Hunter Wolf.University School of Art & Design Ring Rd St Peters,
Wolverhampton WV1 1SA *Outside Art and Design Building.

9.     The Fallen Wolf.City of Wolverhampton Archives
Molineux Hotel Building,Whitmore Hill,
Wolverhampton WV1 1SF
*Outside Archives building.

10.  Bayliss Wolf CCG NHS buildingWolverhampton NHS CCGScience Park,
Technology Centre,Glaisher Dr,
Wolverhampton WV10 9RU
*Outside CCG NHS Building

11.  Wooden Wolf Sculptures to celebrate Stafford Road A449 improvements June 2019
Near The Morton Arms Springfield Ln,
Wolverhampton WV10 6PX
*Wolves are in the middle of the road on the central reservation.

Special thanks to Chloe Minton for her work on this project:
Chloe Minton

Wolverhampton based freelance photographer and recent graduate of visual communication. Her photographic basis covers a multitude of subject matter from traditional portraits and weddings to fashion and the alternate scene.


Facebook: Chloe Minton Photography


Special Thanks to our Sponsors:




















Big thank you to National Lottery Players


Mini Wolves in Wolves

The Mini Wolves in Wolves Exhibition at Wolverhampton Art Gallery,  of the miniature wolves were painted by local schools,  artists and groups.

Mini Wolves decorated by Wolverhampton Primary Schools 

Berrybrook Primary          WV10 8NZ

Braybrook Centre PRU       WV4 6SR

Bushbury Hill Primary      WV10 8BY

Christ Church Junior         WV6 8LG

Corpus Christi Catholic     WV11 2LT

Dunstall Hill Primary        WV10 8NZ

Edward The Elder               WV11 3DB

Elston Hall Primary            WV10 6NN

Graiseley Primary School   WV2 4NE

Green Park School               WV14 6EH

Hill Avenue Primary            WV4 6PY

Lanesfield Primary School  WV4 6BZ

Long Knowlle Primary         WV11 1EB

Loxdale Primary                   WV14 0PH

Northern House School       WV6 0UB

Oak Meadow Primary         WV11 2QQ

Palmers Cross Primary       WV6 9DF

Parkfield Primary Schools   WV4 6HB

Penn Fields Special School   WV4 4NT

Penn Hall Special School      WV4 5HP

Perry Hall Primary School   WV10 8NZ

Spring Vale Primary School WV4 6SD

St Andrew's CE Primary       WV6 0RH

St Anthony's Catholic           WV10 6NW

St Luke's CE (A) Primary      WV2 3AE

St Michael's Catholic Primary WV3 7LE

St Patrick' s Primary School WV11 1PG   

St Stephens Primary *          WV10 0BB

Uplands Junior                     WV3 8BA

Villiers Primary School        WV14 6PR

West Park Primary School   WV1 4BE

Warstones Primary School  WV4 4LU

Windsor Nursery                  WV4 6EL

Woden Primary                    WV10 0LH

Wodensfield Primary          WV11 1PW

Artist and Groups

Aimee Millward                    
Alex Vann
Bhinder Chopra                         
Carl Hodson Howling Wolves Choir
Charlie Kelly                              
Claire Darke                    
Claire Rollerson       
Danielle Rowbotham                 
Harriet Davies – Wilfred
Helen Brown - Beacon Centre          Jade Secker – THE HAVEN
Jasyn Lucas
Jo Burgess                                 
Julie Fletcher                              
Karen Adcock Howling Wolves Choir
Kate Penman Refugee Centre   
Katie Keith                                 
Kesia Pennington-Yates            
Laura Hickman
Liam Paynes
Luke Westward                          
Marie Sewell (Jones)                 
Natalie Hawkins
Nigel Killworth
Pam Fletcher                             
Rebecca Broomhall                   
Ricki Hall
Robin Lumley
Roy Grew - Park Run
Simone Kilworth                        
Stuart Williams                           
Walker Darke                             
Wolverhampton Homes             

Natalie Hawkins

Im a 33 year old hippie with a degree in American Studies and Film. A long time ago I lived in Vancouver for a few years and this was the first time I properly picked up a paintbrush. All my creative pursuits up until recently have been recreational.

Recently I've been painting Film and TV characters onto salvaged wood and selling them occasionally. My main employment is working as a optical dispenser at Specsavers in Wolverhampton.

When I first heard about the project I thought it was an amazing opportunity to get involved in, one that would benefit a charity as well as the whole town. Wolverhampton has suffered in recent years and project which would boost the town as well as the people I think is fantastic. I've also never been involved in a public art project before and find it exciting to think of the fun and challenge if my design got chosen.

Bhinder Chopra

I've loved art since I can remember and have mainly painted in oil and done religious paintings. I have also done quite a lot of portrait sketches. I work at Morrisons in Bilston and have always been wished well by my friends and family when it came to my artwork. when my design got chosen for Wolves in Wolves I, my family and friends were extremely excited.

My design is based on the different cultures that make Wolverhampton. Also with the use of symbolism I've tried to portray the motto of Wolverhampton and certain words that have a link to the City.

Facebook: Bhinder Chopra.artist

Instagram: @bhinderchopra.artist

Helen Brown

Helen Brown, Wolverhampton born and bred, is a talented potter and maker of fascinators who has, since her childhood, loved to make things in clay and fabric. Exploring form and texture, through play in the moment creativity, she creates innovative and organic forms. From heavily grogged coiled sculptural bowls and vessels to textured tea light holders made from porcelain paperclay, Helen is able to produce highly desirable commercial pieces each with their own individual design aesthetic.