Hidden Histories:
Disabled People on the census

Dr Paul DARKE:
Founder Disability Arts Organisation aka Digital Disability. 

Thanks to the University of Wolverhampton and their Disability History Month events. We present a talk with Dr Paul Darke, British academic, artist, filmmaker, podcaster and disability rights activist  and culture critic: 

Why Bother? The Art of Disability: Practice Does Not Make the Perfect

Our collection of Disabled toys 

Wolves, wolf, Wolverhampton
Wolves in Wolves 
The Fallen by Claire Darke: Connecting, Exploring, Remembering World War One, a Heritage Lottery Fund Project. 

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Hidden Histories:
Women in Medicine

Restore Wolverhampton War Memorials CrowdFunder Project2018

To commemorated the 100th anniversary of the end of World War 1, Digital Disability working closely with Wolverhampton Civic and Historical Society (WCHS) identified 3 World War 1 Memorials in in the City desperate need of repair and restoration. Working together with with Digital Disability, The City of Wolverhampton Art Gallery and The City of Wolverhampton Archives funds were raised and memorials were repaired restored ensuring the future of these Memorials,  including restoring Wolverhampton’s only remaining street shrine thanks to crowdfunder.co.uk​​​​​​

WCHS owe particular thanks to Outside Centre/Digital Disability for their support in this venture, gifting Wolves in Wolves products to help raise this restoration fund. We also thank the City of Wolverhampton Council (Archive and Art Gallery) in particular, for their support.

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