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Dr Paul A. Darke is from Surrey in the south of England.  Born with Spina Bifida Dr Darke is a wheelchair user.  Attended "Special" School but left with no qualifications. Started at University as a mature student and gained a PhD under the supervision of Professor Richard Dyer at the University of Warwick exploring Disability and British Cinema. 

Based in the Midlands, Dr Darke is an acclaimed creative thinker and artist, having undertaken over 30 years of projects in a broad range of cultural spheres as an innovator, mentor and leader.  Working in areas such as Filmmaking, Photography, Sculpture, Critical Thinking, Health and Welfare (Wellbeing - Dr Darke is a qualified Social Worker), Learning Disability, Writing Lecturing, Film Festivals, Art Festivals, Theatre Promoter and Disability Studies, Dr Darke has an international reputation.  

Working with national organisations such as Arts Council England,  British Film Instutute and a numbers of academic institutions, Dr Darke continues to develop work and practice in such as way as to inspire change. He has previously been director of West Midlands Disability Arts Federation and recently completed a large-scale arts programme entitled Wolves In Wolves, with Wolverhampton Council and Wolverhampton Football Club, which he initiated and directed. 

Dr Darke founded Outside Centre (Digital Disability) leading it creatively and practically for over 20 years, and all Dr Darke's work is covered - with acknowledgements where due - throughout the Digital Disability website.  Dr Darke research includes collaborative practice and he feels that partnership and equality are an essential core of any good practice in any sphere.  

He has recently worked with MIMA at Teesside University and its research staff submitting under Art and Design to Unit of Assessment 32 for REF 2021, advising individually on the narrative statements and portfolios necessary for submission under the direction of Professor Simon McKeown.



Paul Darke on wikipedia


The Academic Work



REF 2021 Consultant

MIMA Teesside University Art & Design under Professor Simon McKeown


Disability Equality Training A4C

with Liz Carr & Kenji Kuno - MPH Publishing, Malaysia


Introductory Essay On Normality Theory

Outside Centre Commission


Disability and Film Education Pack 

British Film Institute, South Bank London


Disability Film Catalogue

British Film Institute, South Bank London


White Sticks, Wheels and Crutches Disability and the Moving image

 British Film Institute, South Bank London


Pathologising Disability the Cinematic Way 

Film and the Problem Body edited by Sally Chivers and Nicole Markotic (forthcoming in the USA)


Changing Represenation of Disability in the Media

Disabling Barriers - Enabling Environments (2nd / New Edition), edited by John Swain, Colin Barnes (et al)


Now I Know Why Disability Art is Drowning in the River Lethe (with thanks to Pierre Bourdieu)

Disability, Culture and Society, edited by Nick Watson and Sheila Riddell, Pearson Education, Harlow


The Cinematic Construction of Physical Disability...

Paul Darke PhD
University of Warwick


Environments With Attitude

Arts Council of England


The Cinematic Construction of Physical Disability

The PhD - Supervised by Professor Richard Dyer at the University of Warwick


Understanding Cinematic Representation of Disability

The Disability Reader: Social Science Perspectives, edited by Tom Shakespeare, Cassell, London


Abortion and Disability: Is that Different
(co-written with Marie Claire Darke)

Swimming Against the Tide: Feminist Dissent on the Issue of Abortion (Ed. Angela Kennedy)


Film and Disability: From Polemical Theory to Defining Analysis

Book Four: Discursive Practices, MA Disability Studies Distance Learning Course, Centre for Psychotherapeutic Studies, Sheffield University


Everywhere: Disability on Film 
Eye Witness.

Framed: Interrogating Disability in the Media, edited by Anne Pointon and Chris Davies, bfi, London


Sexual Politics/Disability

The Sexual Politics of Disability, edited by Tom Shakespeare, Kath Gillespie-Sells and Dominic Davis, Cassell, London


Research Paper: Disabled Social Workers

University of Leeds and CCETSW

1995 - 2004

Book Reviews:
Sociology & Disability and Society

University of Leicester / Leeds


Link (Central Television): An Evaluation

University of Leeds / Yorkshire TV (freedownload available on The Disabilitiy Archive Leeds University)


The Elephant Man: an Analysis from a Disabled Perspective 

Disability and Society, Vol. 9, No. 3:327-342 (University of Leeds)


Distance Learning Module on Special Education

University of Sheffield

1991 - 2020

Guest Lecturer

De Montfort University / University of Leeds / University of Newcastle (Medical School) / University of Warwich /  University of Wolverhampton / Wolverhampton College / Strasbourg / Brussels / Seoul / Manchester Metrolitan University / Coventry University / University of Teesside / Liverpool John Moores University / LIPA / University of Essex

1991 - 2020

Film Festival Lecturers

London / Paris / Munich / Leeds / Leicester / Wolverhampton (DeafFest) / Hackney / Tamworth / Bristol / Hull / Seoul / Startford Upo Avon / Paris / Devizes