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Digital Disability

Our collection of Postage Stamps

Our philately project is a unique collection of themed postage stamp, focusing on images of Disability on postage stamps for across the world, almost every culture and community has issued a stamp that depicts Disabled people in some way. A great opportunity to  explore the many and varied illustrations of Disabled people across the world.

Collecting of themed stamps

Stamp themes, thematic stamps or topical stamps, are postage stamps that have a specific subject or topic which are collectively gathered by enthusiastic stamp collectors.

Many stamp collectors focus their love of stamp collecting to certain stamp themes,  on particular time period, specific country, or particular subject or topical such as birds, flowers, or airplanes. A lot of stamp collectors choose to organize their stamp collection based on stamp themes, postmarks or covers.

Themed stamp collections that are very popular all over the world include: animals, cats, dogs, birds, butterflies, insects, flowers, sports, art, maps, scouting, Olympics, ships, space, Disney, ships, stamps on stamps, chess, famous people, New Year, Christmas, and many more. Digital Disability postage stamp collection is all about images of Disability and Disabled People.

Our  global collection draws together a number of postage stamp collections, making it one of the largest, focusing on the creative illustration and images of Disabled people from many different communities, cultures countries and states.

This is  a work in progress…  
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Images of Disability on postage stamps include the following impairments

Amputee, Asthma, Autism, Arthritis, Blind, sight impairment,White Cane, Dark Glasses, Braille, Eye Patch, Callipers, Cerebral palsy, Club foot, Cognitive impairments, Cojoined Twin, cripple, Crutches, Deaf, Sign language, Hearing Aids, Diabetes, Disfigurement, Downs Syndrome, Dwarves, Elderly, Epilepsy, Freaks, Growth Impairment, Learning difficulty, Leprosy, Limp, Hunchback, Mental Health, Mute,Polio, Rheumatism, Spina Bifida, Stick, Walking Frame, Wheelchair,


The philately collection, stamps, is themed and is made up of stamps with imagery of Disability. This theme also features  Cinema, Disney and  Dogs,

People of note included this collection:

Douglas Bader, Beethoven, Sarah Bernhardt, Louis Braille, George Gordon Byron, Luís Vaz de Camões, Miguel de Cervantes, Ray Charles, Ty Cobb, François Coli, Nils Gustaf Dalén, Sammy Davis Jnr, Diana Princess of Wales, Terry Fox, Lou Gehrig, Stephen Hawkin, Captain Hook, Helen Keller, Frida Kahlo, King of Bohemia