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Evidence of Payment
A Postage Stamp Exhibition

Postage stamp artwork from the collection of Dr Paul Darke 29 August to 3rd October 
Bounce! Arts Festival 2014

A Digital Disability and Arts Disability Forum (University of Aytypical) Exhibition & Event September 2014

Chris Ledger was instrumental in making this happen.  She loved this stamp in particular as it reminded her of a great friend: Liz Carr




Chris Ledger
A Tribute from Digital Disability

We are deeply saddended to hear about the tragic loss of Chris Ledger.  Chris was a truly wonderful and gifted person, activist, artist and inspiration.

Chris was a great help to us, and me personally (paul Darke), and will be truly missed.  Few people one meets inspire, but not in an inspirational-porn-kind of way, as much as Chris did: she challenged and pushed you to be better than you were and to be the best you could be as a person and as an artist.  She believed in your obscure projects and offered insight and intellegence where so many others are mere chalatans and half-wits (she'd like that comment).

Chris was Funny, vibrant and a pleasure to be around: being with Chris at any event made it worth while even if the event itself did not (as was usual).  We had a great week in Belfast with her for the Disability Stamp exhibition 'Evidence of Payment' and it was a joy to have her in Wolverhampton when we exhibited in Wolverhampton 2018 (see image below).

Chris Ledger Evidence of Payment.jpg

Chris was funny, fierce and very political; attributes that defined her, her work and her committment.  It defined her friendship and her passion for Disability Arts.

Without Chris in the World is now truely a lesser place to be.  Chris was a once in lifetime collegue, leader and friend: we will miss her and we will never forget her.


Chris Ledger
A Tribute from Liz Carr

This portrait was taken I think in 1997 or 98 when I was a mere 25 or 26 year old. As now, scared of death and expecting the worst as I prepared to have a gynae operation. Chris Ledger had come into my life around 1994 when she'd stumbled into a Direct Action Network Nottingham meeting and brought her creativity, passion, enthusiasm, intelligence and community building skills - as well as her dark humour and red lipstick to the group and to my world.

Liz Carr.jpg

We talked a lot about death. We have over the years. She was so full of life that she could cope with the hardest conversations about death. She took this portrait in case that operation had killed me. She introduced me to Frida Kahlo way before her commercialised image hit our consciousness. She made me feel beautiful - she could do that to you. She could make you feel amazing. Because she was beautiful and amazing. The imagery surrounding me speaks of fertility and the fecund and transformation, life and death. The picture is everything Chris is and was -rich and layered and complicated and stunning and funny and... I am completely devastated by Chris's death earlier today. 

Myself and Jo asked her and the wonderful Louise, her wife, if there was anything we could do in these last days. Chris decided to give us a challenge. She wanted a lollipop house in the woods and for us to arrange her resurrection. I wish, wish, wish more than anything that I had that power.